The notorious Boston criminal James “Whitey” Bulger is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie, “Black Mass”. I really enjoyed the movie, but I like dark gritty dramas. It’s not for everyone.

Johnny Depp has always been gorgeous. Even as a dirty

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Wilbur Wonka D.D.S.

I watched, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” this weekend. I had only caught bits and pieces of it previously and didn’t know there is a dental theme running throughout.  It seems Willy Wonka’s dad Wilbur Wonka D.D.S. was . . .  well, I

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Zombie Teeth

If you like apocalyptic, zombie, plague, or action movies, “World War Z” might be worth watching. I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed a part where they got into a dental issue. You see Zombies spread their contagion via biting. Dr Urban and I

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