"I Don't Even Have To Floss"

I love the movie, ‘Ground Hog Day’. I’ve seen it quite a few times, OK scores of times, and cannot envision a February without it. In this movie Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman who achieves an odd sort of immortality.

One of the things

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45 Million
Rudy Giuliani’s lower teeth need help. His uppers look fine, straight and white, (perhaps a tad artificial but O.K.) but those lower teeth, egad! A quick online search shows his estimated net worth at about 45 million bucks. So I have to think it’s
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Confirmation Consternation

Many medical and dental offices are now confirming appointments electronically. We too have an electronic system that will confirm appointments via text or email.

We have found that people who are under the age of 50 love this system. People 50-70

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This past week some friends and I were at a cookout. Our host grilled corn on the cob. Everyone raved about how delicious and sweet it was. I passed on it, even though I love corn on the cob. When my friend, Kris, asked if I would like an ear I

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Cutie Cousin

Holy cow, how cute is this kid? Of course, I might be a little biased as this is my cousin’s kid. Her teeth, or lack of teeth, just crack me up. If you look closely you can see her new adult tooth just starting to peek through the gum. That adult

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Dental Champion

We all know that Muhammad Ali was the greatest heavy weight boxing champion of all time. What I didn’t know was that he was also a champion for children’s dental health.

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Don't Floss

Everyone in the dental world is in a dither over the latest light news story claiming that floss has not been proven effective.  In case you missed it, here is a link to one of the thousands of stories about this that came out last week.

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The FX mini-series, “Feud” is the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and their relationship as frenemies. I love that old Hollywood lore and Susan Sarandon as Bette and Jessica Lange as Joan are really great.

Toward the end of the series, Joan

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Fidel’s Teeth

I looked for images of Fidel Castro’s teeth, but he wasn’t a smiley kinda guy. What I did find was this cold war era cartoon. It's kinda brutal and dark, but that was the cold war.

Today’s double top secret discount is 15% off the next visit for

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Game Over, Man

Oh, what a bummer. Bill Paxton died yesterday. I was a big fan.  I loved him in, “Frailty” and “Aliens”. In Aliens when the rescue ship crashes, leaving the crew stranded on a planet with scary monsters, that’s the oft-quoted line he delivers

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Good Time Teeth

I love David Sedaris. The first essay, “Dentists Without Borders” in his book, “Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls” is a funny look at his own experience with socialized dentistry in France.

When complaining to his French dentist about the gaps

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According to the Alaska TV station, KTVA, “Prosecutors say an Alaska dentist charged with Medicaid fraud pulled a sedated patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard”

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Microbiome Mysteries

Another week, another really good movie to talk about. “Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari” is an Amazon Prime movie that I found super interesting. It’s all about the microbiome that is all around us, helping us to do things like digest food and

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Wow, the Charlize Theron movie, “Monster” is great. It’s so dark and disturbing it’s certainly not for everyone. However, the transformation that Charlize Theron makes from gorgeous movie star to bedraggled, homeless, abused murderer is

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Mountain Don’t

Holy cow, I don't usually cringe at movie dental scenes, and I certainly didn't expect a cringe-worthy dental scene from the movie, "That Sugar Film". However, I found this scene so disturbing I briefly forgot what movie I was watching.

You see

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Holy Cow, 2016 was the year of inordinate celebrity death and 2017 took Mary Tyler Moore. :-(  Such a bummer. She was great. Here's a link to my blog about her pretty teeth.

Mary Tyler Moore's Teeth

The double top secret discount for today is

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I love, “The Walking Dead”.  I love Negan. There I said it, the nastiest villain of all time and I just love him. Really I love the actor who plays Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He’s so handsome and has that magnetic personality that shines

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While there is lead in drinking water in Flint Michigan and some tap water is flammable (flammable, for goodness sake!) in Texas one would think folks would be happy if they just had fluoride in the water. But no . . .

Apparently, the anti-fluoride

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Planes Trains & Automobiles

I love, “Planes Trains and Automobiles” the Steve Martin, John Candy movie. It’s a holiday classic. I really enjoy the fact that it plays on TV often at this time of year. It always makes me chuckle, and I still get choked up at the end.

When I

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