Holy cow, we were on vacation for two weeks then I took an extra Monday to see the eclipse. During that time I reread “1984”. Wow, it’s so dark and disturbing and particularly timely as we all walk around with telescreens, not just on every wall

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I have more than one friend whose kid has knocked out an adult tooth. When a tooth is knocked out we say it has been avulsed. I just checked the online definition for avulsed. Eww, lots of nasty things can happen to the human body; apparently not

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Best Extraction Ever

Instead of tying her tooth to a door, she tied it to a toy bow & arrow and shot the tooth out. Brilliant!

Take a look at this link and you can see the whole thing. 


While we don’t recommend this method for removing baby teeth, I

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In August Dr. Urban’s assistant, Beth, went to Portugal with her extended family. Two days before they left her niece, who is a patient here at the office, had elective dental surgery. She had some teeth extracted. This could have waited until she

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Fidel’s Teeth

I looked for images of Fidel Castro’s teeth, but he wasn’t a smiley kinda guy. What I did find was this cold war era cartoon. It's kinda brutal and dark, but that was the cold war.

Today’s double top secret discount is 15% off the next visit for

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According to the Alaska TV station, KTVA, “Prosecutors say an Alaska dentist charged with Medicaid fraud pulled a sedated patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard”

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How cute is this kid! I just love this photo. This is Ben AKA “Macho”. He’s our assistant Tiffanie’s son. You can see that he is missing an upper front tooth. And you can also see that front tooth in his hand.

Kids sometimes get scared when

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Plucking Parrot

I love this video, and after checking several sites online it seems that many pet birds like to clean their human friend’s teeth. This parrot is taking it a step further by doing a baby tooth extraction! 

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Pumpkin Teeth

I had my cousin’s seven year old daughter this past weekend and she lost a tooth. She was complaining about it quite a bit before it fell out, and I told her to just keep wiggling it. It was two days of -

“Ali, my tooth is bothering me.”


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Stock Market Down - Deciduous Teeth Hold Steady

The news is all abuzz about the stock market being down 8% in China this morning. This is making experts predict a down day in the U.S. Stock Market.

However, my cousin's daughter is optimistic as she just lost two baby teeth, and prices have held

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Takin’ It to the Street

I think the picture above is indeed worth a thousand words, and I just love what we can see here. What we are seeing is an Indian "street dentist" and his patient. The fact that they took their shoes off cracks me up. These guys are sitting

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Unexpected Extractions

I find this picture both funny and distressing. I’m sure it’s Photo Shopped, but I can just feel the dog getting ready to go bananas and yank the leash. When I have to drop my dog’s leash I step on it. I’d never put it in my mouth. After all, I

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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

I can remember being about seven years old and I had a loose baby tooth. I was being whiney and refused to wiggle it. “It hurts”, I complained.

My grandmother had raised 5 children and so she had pulled many baby teeth by the time I was shedding my

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