The classic Christmas story, “Rudolf the Red Nosed Rein Deer and the Island of Misfit Toys”  is weirdly similar to Dr. Urban’s own story. This story features Hermy the Elf, who just wants to be a dentist, but is instead forced to make toys in

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Greene Black

G.V. Black was the father of modern dentistry, and he served in the Union Army. I know this because Dr. Urban told me about G.V. back in the 1980’s. Dr. Urban is a fount of knowledge, especially when it comes to two things, dentistry and the U.S

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Light Show

We’ve all seen the dental whitening kits and programs that use special lights to supposedly increase the power of the bleach, and/or decrease the amount of time necessary to get a brighter smile.

Bleaching products that are recommended by your

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Painless Parker

I don’t think I realized that Painless Parker was a real person, but he was. In my mind he and Alfred E. Neuman, a fictional character, were sort of intertwined.

While Painless is a flamboyant name, it was actually his legal name. After he was

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Rosemary's Dentist

As both of my readers know I love old movies. This week's is Rosemary’s Baby. There are a lot of reasons that I like this movie. It’s scary but not gory, it’s got an all star cast, but most of all I love the era it portrays so beautifully.


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Wilbur Wonka D.D.S.

I watched, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” this weekend. I had only caught bits and pieces of it previously and didn’t know there is a dental theme running throughout.  It seems Willy Wonka’s dad Wilbur Wonka D.D.S. was . . .  well, I

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