"I Don't Even Have To Floss"

I love the movie, ‘Ground Hog Day’. I’ve seen it quite a few times, OK scores of times, and cannot envision a February without it. In this movie Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman who achieves an odd sort of immortality.

One of the things

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Best Extraction Ever

Instead of tying her tooth to a door, she tied it to a toy bow & arrow and shot the tooth out. Brilliant!

Take a look at this link and you can see the whole thing. 


While we don’t recommend this method for removing baby teeth, I

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Big Bad Breath

I love The New Yorker magazine. The fiction is delish and the cartoons always give me a giggle. This one of the big bad wolf giving himself a breath spritzer before huffing and puffing cracks me up. Even fictional, animal villains care about their

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Bow WOW!

I love this pic so much. Braces make this pup look so pubescent - just adorable. Before you get upset about pets that get braces, "in this economy" it turns out this pup couldn’t properly close his mouth. He’s not having orthodontics for

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Buffy the Cat

I was reading the “ADA News” April 15, 2013 edition and this pic caught my eye. Dr. Paul Smulson in Chicago takes photos of his cat in funny situations; you can see more of them at buffythecat.com.

Many jokes are made about the vast power of the

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Cutie Cousin

Holy cow, how cute is this kid? Of course, I might be a little biased as this is my cousin’s kid. Her teeth, or lack of teeth, just crack me up. If you look closely you can see her new adult tooth just starting to peek through the gum. That adult

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Dangerous Communist Plot

“Dr. Strangelove” is a great movie if you like black and white, cold war era, political satire. I try not to get political on this blog, but I think it’s bizarre that fluoride is a political issue. There, I said it.

This bit of dialogue from the

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Emancipate Your Hands

I found a nifty toothbrush online this weekend. I am tempted to buy this thing as it claims to “Clean your tooth in just 10 seconds”. The reason I believe this is because each tooth should take about 10 seconds to brush. That’s right they wrote

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Flintstone Filling

Apparently humans were doing dentistry 14,000 years ago. This article explains several things about this ancient dentistry, and this part makes sense to me, “It was known that early humans used toothpicks made from wood or bone for basic dental

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Funny in California

There is a dental office in California called the Costa Mesa Dental Center, and these folks look like they are a lot of fun. They have lots of nice reviews from patients and an entire page of dental jokes. I put a couple here and added the link so

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Gag Me Gatto

This photo really creeps me out. When I think of how dirty a cat’s (or dog’s) mouth is this is just disgusting. They walk through the litter box, getting filthy bacteria ridden things on their feet. Then they clean every molecule of dirt, and cat

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Good Time Teeth

I love David Sedaris. The first essay, “Dentists Without Borders” in his book, “Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls” is a funny look at his own experience with socialized dentistry in France.

When complaining to his French dentist about the gaps

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Today on NPR I heard a story about an attention researcher at Harvard Medical School. This fellow, Trafton Drew, tested how radiologists focus when they are looking for something specific.

Drew took, “a picture of a man in gorilla suit shaking his

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Greene Black

G.V. Black was the father of modern dentistry, and he served in the Union Army. I know this because Dr. Urban told me about G.V. back in the 1980’s. Dr. Urban is a fount of knowledge, especially when it comes to two things, dentistry and the U.S

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How cute is this kid! I just love this photo. This is Ben AKA “Macho”. He’s our assistant Tiffanie’s son. You can see that he is missing an upper front tooth. And you can also see that front tooth in his hand.

Kids sometimes get scared when

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Mmmm Bacon

Ewww, really, bacon flavored floss? Blech. Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon. It’s delicious on its own, it’s fabu in green beans, and what could be better wrapped around a scallop? But when I brush I want my mouth to feel minty fresh. Is bacony

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Orange & Black Teeth

“Orange is the New Black” has just come out with season three, and I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying it. One of the characters, “Pennsatucky” had meth mouth in the first season. Later on the character had her rotten teeth replaced with new

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I love NPR. A few weeks ago while driving home I caught their weekly, “Another Thing” contest. This one was to come up with the best name for prehistoric toothpaste. I thought the responses were cute, so I am cutting and pasting excerpts from Lenore

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Tiger Teeth

Yesterday we made an upper denture for an older gentleman who hasn’t had teeth for many years.

Once it was in place the patient asked Cerina to see a mirror. Cerina put the mirror in front of him. He was taken aback and exclaimed, “I look like a

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