Tooth & Nail

I love these fingernails. This nail tech made the fingernails into teeth!

I have realized in doing my own nails at home that we are using very similar products to do teeth. The light cured composite resin that we use is similar to the light-cured

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Tooth Tattoos

Wow, tooth tattoos. Take a look.

At first I thought a tattoo on a tooth is crazy, as I could only picture it right in the middle of an upper front tooth. However, you can have this on a back tooth, or a side tooth, or

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Ugly Duckling

My one and only blog fan sent me this story. He thought it might be good blog fodder and I agree. Thanks Uncle John!

It seems a snaggle-toothed smile is all the rage in Japan. This article struck me as so farfetched that I checked and there are

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Unexpected Extractions

I find this picture both funny and distressing. I’m sure it’s Photo Shopped, but I can just feel the dog getting ready to go bananas and yank the leash. When I have to drop my dog’s leash I step on it. I’d never put it in my mouth. After all, I

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I wonder what advertisements we are seeing in 2016 that will seem insane 70 years from now? I guess this ad this isn’t too much crazier than the situation that Dr. Urban found himself in back in the 1980’s. He bought a practice from a retiring

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Whiter Onion

I love, “the Onion”. It often makes me laugh out loud. So when I saw this meme I had to share it.

While this is funny (at least to those of us in dentistry) it’s also false. We can certainly make your teeth whiter.

If you’d like whiter teeth give

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