"I Don't Even Have To Floss"

I love the movie, ‘Ground Hog Day’. I’ve seen it quite a few times, OK scores of times, and cannot envision a February without it. In this movie Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman who achieves an odd sort of immortality.

One of the things

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Angela's Ashes

I am a latecomer to Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt’s biography about growing up in Ireland during the depression of the 1930’s. My grandmother, who was also raised in the depression era, in the UK, was a huge fan of both the book and the movie, but

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Atari’s Teeth

We were on vacation last week, and I had lots of fun. I went to the movies and saw, “Isle of Dogs”. I really enjoyed it and will see it again for sure.

Teeth are a big part of the movie, as one of the dogs actually has fancy, government-issued

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Black Back Teeth

I was watching a disturbing movie this past weekend, “Extremities”, with Farrah Fawcett. I don’t recommend this movie unless you like super dark, intense, and violent movies. I actually turned it off as it was too much even for me. However, a scene

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Bohemian Rhapsody

I really enjoyed the new movie about Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Anyone who is familiar with Queen and their lead singer, Freddy Mercury, knows that he had really prominent front teeth, some would say bucked teeth, and the movie didn’t shy away from

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BUtterfield 8

I was sad to see that Liz Taylor died this past weekend. She was fabulous. No one was more beautiful. Natalie Wood IMHO might have approached that level of beauty, but Natalie didn’t have violet eyes.

I remember watching “BUtterfield 8”, one of

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Cast Away

Tom Hanks is just great, and I watched “Cast Away” again last night and really enjoyed it. Of course the dental scenes were of particular interest to me. You see the main character, Chuck (Tom Hanks), has a tooth ache and has been putting off seeing

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Celebrity Smiles

What a difference good looking teeth can make! I found this great compilation of before and after pics of celebrities who have had some nice dental work. You can check it out with this link:

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Dangerous Communist Plot

“Dr. Strangelove” is a great movie if you like black and white, cold war era, political satire. I try not to get political on this blog, but I think it’s bizarre that fluoride is a political issue. There, I said it.

This bit of dialogue from the

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I love old movies and I was recently re-watching, “Butterfield 8” which I blogged about March 28, 2011 at the time of Elizabeth Taylor’s death. I hadn't seen the movie for years before I blogged about it, and the way I remembered it was a

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“Downsizing” is a 2017 movie that has an existential, mid-life crisis theme with a science fantasy twist, and weirdly a couple of dental scenes too! I really like Matt Damon who plays the lead. I am also a big fan of Kristen Wiig who plays his wife

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The FX mini-series, “Feud” is the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and their relationship as frenemies. I love that old Hollywood lore and Susan Sarandon as Bette and Jessica Lange as Joan are really great.

Toward the end of the series, Joan

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Game Over, Man

Oh, what a bummer. Bill Paxton died yesterday. I was a big fan.  I loved him in, “Frailty” and “Aliens”. In Aliens when the rescue ship crashes, leaving the crew stranded on a planet with scary monsters, that’s the oft-quoted line he delivers

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Hattie’s Smile

Hattie McDaniel is one of my all-time favorites. Her portrayal of Mammie in, "Gone With the Wind" is . . . OK, really, what could I possibly write about it that hasn’t already been written?  She was fabulous; I’ll leave it at that.  Today

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Keira Knightley Pearly Whitely

“The Imitation Game” is a great movie; I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story and great acting. It’s the story of the English team of codebreakers who figured out Germany’s Enigma Machine during World War II.

Keira Knightley, who is

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Marilyn Monroe’s Teeth

“The Story of My Teeth” is a novel by Valeria Luiselli. It’s, “an unusual novel-essay about art, identity and stories”, and after reading the review it certainly sounds interesting. You can check out the NPR review of this book with this link

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Microbiome Mysteries

Another week, another really good movie to talk about. “Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari” is an Amazon Prime movie that I found super interesting. It’s all about the microbiome that is all around us, helping us to do things like digest food and

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Wow, the Charlize Theron movie, “Monster” is great. It’s so dark and disturbing it’s certainly not for everyone. However, the transformation that Charlize Theron makes from gorgeous movie star to bedraggled, homeless, abused murderer is

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Mountain Don’t

Holy cow, I don't usually cringe at movie dental scenes, and I certainly didn't expect a cringe-worthy dental scene from the movie, "That Sugar Film". However, I found this scene so disturbing I briefly forgot what movie I was watching.

You see

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Planes Trains & Automobiles

I love, “Planes Trains and Automobiles” the Steve Martin, John Candy movie. It’s a holiday classic. I really enjoy the fact that it plays on TV often at this time of year. It always makes me chuckle, and I still get choked up at the end.

When I

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