Poor Tom

Poor Tom Cruise, that guy can’t get a break. Since we have lots of Hollywood gossip magazines here at the dental office (as well as a bunch of nifty news, sports, fashion, and science magazines) we are a tad more exposed to these Hollywood stories

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Que Sera Sera

Doris Day was a bit before my time, but even I know the song Que Sera Sera, and it’s because of her.

It’s always sad when a beloved screen idol dies, so here’s a tribute to Doris Day, beloved screen idol with a million dollar smile.

If you'd like

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R.I.P. Burt

I loved me some Burt Reynolds. He was the 1970’s hunk of the decade. I was bummed to hear of his passing.

Burt had a great smile, but he didn’t show his teeth a lot. At least he didn’t in the still images I was able to find online. However, I was

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I loved Tim Conway. He made me laugh a lot in the 1970s. I remember, "The Apple Dumpling Gang" and "The Carol Burnett Show" fondly. I found this great image of Tim and his teeth. He looks to be about 80 or so in this photo and his teeth look great

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Rita Hayworth

Yesterday I was watching, “Pal Joey” starring Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, and Kim Novak. What a cast! The thing that caught my eye in this movie was Rita Hayworth’s teeth. Below is an image of Rita in, “Pal Joey”. Can you see her upper front

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Rosemary's Dentist

As both of my readers know I love old movies. This week's is Rosemary’s Baby. There are a lot of reasons that I like this movie. It’s scary but not gory, it’s got an all star cast, but most of all I love the era it portrays so beautifully.


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 A patient asked us the other day if we thought the beautiful and talented Jane Seymour has veneers. My first response was probably, but then I just had to know for sure. Trying to find pics of her from back in her Bond Girl days is tough

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Say it ain’t so Johnny!

I was looking for images of Johnny Depp as it has come to light that recently he looks too thin and unwell. So I had to check out what his teeth look like. I found this image, and I hope it is a fake.

Whether or not this

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Skull Teeth

This time of year there are lots of skulls around. There are skulls at CVS, and Home Depot, my neighbor's yards, and in so many movies around Halloween. Most of them do dental anatomy wrong. The skulls often have all incisors (front teeth), or all

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“Tab Hunter Confidential” is a documentary about the 1950’s movie star, Tab Hunter. I found it pretty interesting. While I was aware that Tab Hunter was a matinee idol of the 1950’s, I had no idea that Tab Hunter also had a music career. He had a

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The notorious Boston criminal James “Whitey” Bulger is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie, “Black Mass”. I really enjoyed the movie, but I like dark gritty dramas. It’s not for everyone.

Johnny Depp has always been gorgeous. Even as a dirty

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Wilbur Wonka D.D.S.

I watched, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” this weekend. I had only caught bits and pieces of it previously and didn’t know there is a dental theme running throughout.  It seems Willy Wonka’s dad Wilbur Wonka D.D.S. was . . .  well, I

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Zombie Teeth

If you like apocalyptic, zombie, plague, or action movies, “World War Z” might be worth watching. I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed a part where they got into a dental issue. You see Zombies spread their contagion via biting. Dr Urban and I

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