Brushing Apps

Everyone should brush their teeth for a full two minutes. Some electric tooth brushes come with timers and that is great. We give little kids plastic sand-glass timers, and while those are a good idea I don’t think they are as much fun as these

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Candy Man

Most people know to brush, and clean between their teeth to remove food and bacteria that cause odor and other dental problems. What many people don’t know is that one of the keys to fresh breath is a clean tongue.

I remember once hearing that

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Emancipate Your Hands

I found a nifty toothbrush online this weekend. I am tempted to buy this thing as it claims to “Clean your tooth in just 10 seconds”. The reason I believe this is because each tooth should take about 10 seconds to brush. That’s right they wrote

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Grush Gush

Wow, this new kid’s toothbrush is bound to put us out of business!  As both of my blog readers know I don’t often gush about new dental products. But I am gushing about Grush.

Grush is so much more than a tooth brush. It’s an interactive video

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Squibb's Dental Cream

This image is of Times Square in the 1930’s. The image shows ads for brands we still see today – Budweiser, Camel, Chevy, and Coca Cola, but what caught my eye was the giant, brightly lit billboard for Squibb's Dental Cream. 

Once I saw that I

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