45 Million
Rudy Giuliani’s lower teeth need help. His uppers look fine, straight and white, (perhaps a tad artificial but O.K.) but those lower teeth, egad! A quick online search shows his estimated net worth at about 45 million bucks. So I have to think it’s
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Billionaire Bob's Bad Teeth

This fella in the image on the left is Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. I would have no idea of who he is except for the fact that he is in big trouble lately, and images of him are on my TV screen pretty often. Of course, the thing

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Black Back Teeth

I was watching a disturbing movie this past weekend, “Extremities”, with Farrah Fawcett. I don’t recommend this movie unless you like super dark, intense, and violent movies. I actually turned it off as it was too much even for me. However, a scene

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Bohemian Rhapsody

I really enjoyed the new movie about Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Anyone who is familiar with Queen and their lead singer, Freddy Mercury, knows that he had really prominent front teeth, some would say bucked teeth, and the movie didn’t shy away from

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Eight Ball

LaVar Ball is a marketing genius. I had no idea who he was just last week. Now I am blogging about his teeth. Whether or not you like him, ya gotta admit, he knows how to get attention.

In this image you can see that his right central incisor

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Wow, the Charlize Theron movie, “Monster” is great. It’s so dark and disturbing it’s certainly not for everyone. However, the transformation that Charlize Theron makes from gorgeous movie star to bedraggled, homeless, abused murderer is

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Mountain Don’t

Holy cow, I don't usually cringe at movie dental scenes, and I certainly didn't expect a cringe-worthy dental scene from the movie, "That Sugar Film". However, I found this scene so disturbing I briefly forgot what movie I was watching.

You see

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, a person cannot be pretty without pretty teeth.

I got an app this weekend that manipulates images of faces. It's called Mug Life and it's pretty fun, I guess. I got it because it said it would

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Olga’s Open Bite

I loved Olga Korbut. I remember 1972 summer Olympics very clearly although I was only 7 years old. Olga stole the hearts of Americans as the plucky little Soviet girl from Belarus. She was amazing on the uneven bars, her floor routine was great, and

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Orange & Black Teeth

“Orange is the New Black” has just come out with season three, and I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying it. One of the characters, “Pennsatucky” had meth mouth in the first season. Later on the character had her rotten teeth replaced with new

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Rainbow Grill

I am a huge fan of the Podcast and YouTube channel known as “The Joe Rogan Experience”. I remember when that sentence would have made no sense to me. Anyway, Joe and his guest were talking about this guy in the photo, or I would have never heard of

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Savannah’s Smile

Here in the dental office, we get a lot of magazines, and "People" magazine is a favorite with patients. The January 15 cover of, "People" has a really nice picture of Hoda and Savannah. They both look gorgeous, but Savannah’s teeth are bothering

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Say it ain’t so Johnny!

I was looking for images of Johnny Depp as it has come to light that recently he looks too thin and unwell. So I had to check out what his teeth look like. I found this image, and I hope it is a fake.

Whether or not this

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Trump's Teeth

There is an article in the Washington Post published on Saturday the 13th in which a gal from the Eastern Shore says, “teeth are the telltale, visible sign of wealth.” 

The article is mostly about the haves and the have-nots. It discusses the

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I’ve been watching an old sit com on Hulu, “Ugly Betty”. It’s a cute show about a young woman, who is supposedly ugly, trying to fit in with her co-workers at a fashion magazine.

The makers of the show took a pretty actor (America Ferra) and gave

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The notorious Boston criminal James “Whitey” Bulger is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie, “Black Mass”. I really enjoyed the movie, but I like dark gritty dramas. It’s not for everyone.

Johnny Depp has always been gorgeous. Even as a dirty

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