Humans are born without teeth, most of the time. They sprout 20 baby teeth, most of the time. Those baby teeth shed, and then we get 32 adult teeth – 16 on top and 16 on the bottom, most of the time. I say most of the time because odd things happen

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April Fool

I was an April fool this year. On my April 1 blog I talked about hyperdontia as a friend had sent me a very cool photo of what I thought was hyperdontia, but it was a fake. Dr. Urban could tell right away, and now that he’s pointed it out I can see

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There are a few kinds of aspiration, one is where you aspire to do more with your life, get a better job, help humanity, that kinda thing. But the kind of aspiration we are often concerned with in the dental office is the kind where a person sucks

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Best Extraction Ever

Instead of tying her tooth to a door, she tied it to a toy bow & arrow and shot the tooth out. Brilliant!

Take a look at this link and you can see the whole thing. 


While we don’t recommend this method for removing baby teeth, I

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Black and White

What’s black and white and a hundred and twelve years old? The King of Cambodia’s dentures.

I found this story by Daniel Demers, on Dr. Bicuspid.com very interesting, and worth a read if you get a chance.

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Black Market Braces

In Thailand it is tough for the average kid to afford braces. This has made braces a sign of wealth. Since braces are a sign of wealth it follows that braces might also become fashionable. However, it seems kids in Thailand might be taking this a

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Dens En Dente

Since I have been working in dentistry for a quarter century I thought I had heard of every possible dental condition, but last week a patient had a condition that I had never heard of - dens en dente. Actually, Dr. Urban didn’t call it dens en

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Dental Champion

We all know that Muhammad Ali was the greatest heavy weight boxing champion of all time. What I didn’t know was that he was also a champion for children’s dental health.

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While we were on vacation I found this story about a teenager in India who had 232 teeth removed. I thought surely this was another hyperdontia hoax, (like my blog posting here) but after checking several sources the story seems

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“Downsizing” is a 2017 movie that has an existential, mid-life crisis theme with a science fantasy twist, and weirdly a couple of dental scenes too! I really like Matt Damon who plays the lead. I am also a big fan of Kristen Wiig who plays his wife

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Eye Tooth

I recently saw a report about a person’s eyesight being restored via a tooth. Googling it came up with many pertinent stories, but I liked the one from LaughingSquid.com the best:

“The procedure, known as osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, has two

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One of our patients came in today reading this book for her book club. She said it’s very interesting, and I took a pic of the cover so I could be sure to look for it myself. We got to talking about forensics and dental forensics, which led me to

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How great are these teeth?

For about 40 bucks you too can have these hideous teeth, or another version that is just as scary and ugly. They are made by a company called Dental Distortions, and you can order them online at

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Geographic Tongue

Geographic Tongue is a new term for me. This came up in the office today as one of Cerina’s friend’s kids has a spotted tongue. Dr. Urban mentioned that it could be Geographic Tongue, so I had to look it up.

Apparently it’s not a harmful condition

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Today on NPR I heard a story about an attention researcher at Harvard Medical School. This fellow, Trafton Drew, tested how radiologists focus when they are looking for something specific.

Drew took, “a picture of a man in gorilla suit shaking his

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According to the Alaska TV station, KTVA, “Prosecutors say an Alaska dentist charged with Medicaid fraud pulled a sedated patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard”

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I Flew

Wow, I did the iFly experience at the iFly facility in Ashburn. It was great, I recommend it to anyone. The only issue I had was that I bought the video ahead of time and I cannot seem to get my voucher to work. But as you can see I was still able

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Internal Resorption

The X-Ray shown here is of a 12 year old boy's teeth. You can see his first molar with two roots on the right side of the pic. In the middle is tooth #20 a single rooted bicuspid. However, an untrained eye might see two roots. That’s because the

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We all know that sharks can regrow their teeth, but what might be news is that humans possess the same genes that allow sharks to regenerate teeth! Some researchers in the UK have, “ identified a network of genes that are responsible for tooth

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Junkies & Jocks

What do methamphetamine addicts and Olympic athletes have in common? More dental problems than the rest of the population, and weirdly it is seemingly for a similar reason.

This morning I found an interesting article on the Atlantic.com website. It

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