Kissing Cavities

Lately we have seen an increase in cavities in young people who are high school and college-aged. Kids who have had one or two cavities in their entire lives are coming in with five, six, seven, maybe eight cavities. The kids are surprised and their

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Mmmm Bacon

Ewww, really, bacon flavored floss? Blech. Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon. It’s delicious on its own, it’s fabu in green beans, and what could be better wrapped around a scallop? But when I brush I want my mouth to feel minty fresh. Is bacony

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No Fish Story

How great are these fish’s teeth? I love ‘em! Once again, thanks to my one and only blog fan (my Uncle John) for sending me this photo.

According to Becky Crew’s  blog on the Scientific American website this is a Sheepshead fish which is a

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Plucking Parrot

I love this video, and after checking several sites online it seems that many pet birds like to clean their human friend’s teeth. This parrot is taking it a step further by doing a baby tooth extraction! 

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Reinast, Really?

Check out this tooth brush at It’s made of titanium, comes in four colors, and comes with a lifetime of free replacement heads. As you can see from the photo this brush is really beautiful. Who wouldn’t want one

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Spicy Teeth

Poor Sean Spicer, he’s got one of the worst gigs in media. He’s on the hot seat every day, and SNL is skewering him at every turn. However, I am sure he will parlay it into something fabulous in the future. So I won’t feel too bad about piling on

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A friend of mine, who used to work here at the dental office, sent this photo to me on Facebook. Thanks, Nancy!  I love it.

I was aware of this condition of having extra teeth, as Dr. Urban has an extra tooth. His condition is rather mundane

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Takin’ It to the Street

I think the picture above is indeed worth a thousand words, and I just love what we can see here. What we are seeing is an Indian "street dentist" and his patient. The fact that they took their shoes off cracks me up. These guys are sitting

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The Tudors Teeth

I find Tudor history very interesting, and as both my readers know I am also really into teeth and YouTube, so I was super excited to find this YouTube vid about how sugar/tooth decay killed the Tudors. You can check it out with this link

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Tiger Teeth

Yesterday we made an upper denture for an older gentleman who hasn’t had teeth for many years.

Once it was in place the patient asked Cerina to see a mirror. Cerina put the mirror in front of him. He was taken aback and exclaimed, “I look like a

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Tooth & Nail

I love these fingernails. This nail tech made the fingernails into teeth!

I have realized in doing my own nails at home that we are using very similar products to do teeth. The light cured composite resin that we use is similar to the light-cured

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Tooth Tattoos

Wow, tooth tattoos. Take a look.

At first I thought a tattoo on a tooth is crazy, as I could only picture it right in the middle of an upper front tooth. However, you can have this on a back tooth, or a side tooth, or

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I’ve blogged a lot about people who have gold stuff stuck on their front teeth. Typically I am not a fan of any color but tooth color on teeth.

I don’t know what’s come over me, but I saw this product for tooth jewelry, and this photo seems quite

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Ugly Duckling

My one and only blog fan sent me this story. He thought it might be good blog fodder and I agree. Thanks Uncle John!

It seems a snaggle-toothed smile is all the rage in Japan. This article struck me as so farfetched that I checked and there are

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I wonder what advertisements we are seeing in 2016 that will seem insane 70 years from now? I guess this ad this isn’t too much crazier than the situation that Dr. Urban found himself in back in the 1980’s. He bought a practice from a retiring

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